Bhuwanishankar Multiple College was established in the year 2059 B.S. Later, in 2062 B.S. it took affiliation from Tribhuwan University and started Bachelor level. Similarly, in 2071 B.S it took affiliation for MBS program. The college has been awarded with Quality Assurance & Accreditation (QAA) certification on the recommendation of Educational Quality, Assurance & Accreditation Council of the University Grants Commission Nepal on 26th June 2022 ( 12th Ashadh 2079). Bhuwani Shankar Niraula, a local guardian donated nearly 28 lakh rupees for college and has been named after him as Bhuwani Shankar Multiple College. Bhuwani Shankar Multiple College was established with purpose of imparting quality and practical education to the minority group and weaker sections of this area. Also, the fee structure of this college is very low and quite affordable for poor people in comparison to other institutions of this region.