QAA Certificate


  1. During admission for the new student they need to submit transfer certificate, progress report, conduct certificate to the authority in full detail. These should be fulfilled by the students.
  2. During admission students will get uniforms, books, and bags for which need to pay during the time of admission the instruction will be given by the school accountant.
  3. Belt, tie, sweater, bag, uniform both girls and boys are available and for this parents and students can claims the things but only when you pay it altogether during admission.
  4. These are the program and structure of the fees of the schools. (RRCEBS)

Message from Principal

Bhuwanishankar Multiple College was established in 2059 B.S. to foster saleable education as it is the dream of all people dwelling in this area and we are trying our best to make their dream come true. I am pleased to share that the college has passed its glorious 14 years tenure with sound coverage. So, we are committed ourselves to achieving examplary standards in education. The college also strives to install the pursuit of knowledge and overall personality development through value education in nominal fee rate. We continue with our mission to sculpt excellence to create responsible citizens. So, I appeal all the students to join B.S. College and be the part of it and feel changes.

– Dipendra Kumar Chaudhary (Campus Chief)