S.NoName of the FacultyDesignationSubjectQualification
1Dipendra Kumar ChaudharyCampus ChiefMathematicsM.A.
2Deepak Prasad GautamAss. Campus ChiefNepaliM.Ed.
3Nabaraj BhattraiAss. Campus ChiefSociologyM.A.
4Balkumar ShresthaReaderEconomicsM.A.
5Cheta Raj RegmiLecturerEnglishM.Ed.
6Surya Prasad BarakotiAss. LecturerAccountMBS
7Padam Prasad AryalAss. LecturerNepaliM.A.
8Govinda Prasad Timilsina Ass. LecturerAccountMBS
9Tej Prasad TimilsinaAss. LecturerEnglishM.Ed.
10Indra Kumari RegmiAss. LecturerEPMM.Ed.
11Bijayaraj PageniAss. LecturerMathematicsM.Ed.
12Khadananda SilwalAss. LecturerEnglishM.A.
13Dinesh PokhrelAss. LecturerHealthM.Ed.
14Arjun Prasad SilwalLecturerNepaliM.A.
15Madan KhanalAss. LecturerEnvironmental EducationM.Phil.
16Raju ChaudhariAss. LecturerFinanceM.B.S
17Bijaya KandelAss. LecturerFinanceMBS
18Bhawani LohoniAss. LecturerEnglishM.Ed.
19Tek Nath AryalAss. LecturerEnglishM.A.
20Amrit MallaAss. LecturerPopulationM.A.
21Subal SadaulaAss. LecturerFinanceMBA, M.Phil Scholar
22Rajkumar ShresthaAss. LecturerSociologyMA
23Baburam aryalAss. LecturerMarketingMBA
24Rudra Prashad SharmaAss. LecturerHealthMPH
25Bikash Chandra AryalAss. LecturerMarketingMBS
26Ajita BudhathokiAss. LecturerAccountMBS
27Chandani PradhanAss. LecturerPopulationMA
28Netra Prasad SubediAss. LecturerEconomicsMA, M.Phil. Scholar
29Devendra BartaulaTeaching Ass.istantECABA
30Rajkumar GurungAss. LecturerMathematicsM.Ed.
31Laxman LamsalAss. LecturerStatisticsMSC
31Min Prasad DawadiAss. LectureEnglishMA, M.Ed, Mphil Scholar
32Nabaraj DhakalAss. LecturerNepaliM.A.
33Raju KhaniyaAss. LecturerFoundation of EducationM.Ed.
34Sayash SedaiAss. LecturerNepaliM.Ed.

Message from Principal

Bhuwanishankar Multiple College was established in 2059 B.S. to foster saleable education as it is the dream of all people dwelling in this area and we are trying our best to make their dream come true. I am pleased to share that the college has passed its glorious 14 years tenure with sound coverage. So, we are committed ourselves to achieving examplary standards in education. The college also strives to install the pursuit of knowledge and overall personality development through value education in nominal fee rate. We continue with our mission to sculpt excellence to create responsible citizens. So, I appeal all the students to join B.S. College and be the part of it and feel changes.

– Dipendra Kumar Chaudhary (Campus Chief)